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The journal "System research and information technologies" (the old site version)

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The Institute for Applied System Analysis of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine is published of the international scientific and technical journal «System research and information technologies».

The Journal is printing works of a theoretical and applied character on a wide spectrum of problems, connected with system researches and information technologies.

The main thematic sections of the Journal are the following:

Theoretical and applied problems and methods of system analysis; theoretical and applied problems of computer science; automated control systems; progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems; decision making and control in economic, technical, ecological and social systems; theoretical and applied problems of intellectual systems for decision making support; problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks; methods of optimization, optimum control and theory of games; mathematical methods, models, problems and technologies for complex systems research; methods of system analysis and control in conditions of risk and uncertainty; heuristic methods and algorithms in system analysis and control; new methods in system analysis, computer science and theory of decision making; scientific and methodical problems in education.

The editor-in-chief of the Journal is Rector of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI", Director of the Institute for Applied System Analysis of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine (NASU) and the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the NASU Michael Zaharovich Zgurovsky.

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The articles to be published in the Journal in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages are accepted.

Information printed in the Journal is included in the Catalogue of periodicals of Ukraine (the 2003 subscription).

The journal can be subscribed.  Its index is 23918. If you have not subscribed the journal, it can be purchased at the editorial office. 

Our address is: 37 Prospect Peremogy, building 35, Kyiv 03056, Ukraine.

Phone number: (044) 406-81-44.

Fax: (044) 406-81-44



ISSN 1681-6048 (printed version)
ISSN 2308-8893 (online version)

Statement about Open Access and copyright

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